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January 24, 2008


Super Bowler

I'm glad you posted your new home. Thanks


Get your blog back up, boss. Cyber-quitters suck large hairy things.










Check out Jesus and Mary Chain 4-disc boxset coming out soon....


So I saw that The Sex Pistols have a DVD release soon. There’ll Always Be An England looks really good. I wish I could have gone to one of those shows. Check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001FBJUMM?ie=UTF8&tag=rhinocom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001FBJUMM


We will work with you to develop a plan that best serve your particular needs. We will then negotiate with your lender to incorporate any changes that are needed to make the plan acceptable both to you and to your lender. Keeping you in your home is advantageous to the lender. Our job is to help them appreciate that advantage.

You may have been told that a short sale is your only course of action. What you may not have been told is that you may be dealing with the consequences of that action for many years.


We understand that you may be facing immediate deadlines and that any delay can mean a loss of meaningful options for relief.


Though we are happy to assist you with bankruptcy, should that be necessary, we believe it is an option that is avoidable more often than people realize.


Restructuring plans may include:

Adding delinquent payments and any foreclosure fees to the back end of the loan. This may include a permanent reduction in your interest rate.

Forbearance plans may be used to temporarily halt the foreclosure process for up to four years while you make payments to become current with the lender.


In our negotiations with your lender we are seeking to lower your payments, lower the interest rate, mitigate any negative impact on your credit rating, and keep your home from going into foreclosure. The lender benefits by continuing to receive payments on the mortgage, and saving on the costs that would be incurred in a foreclosure.


We will need to document your income and expenses for the last two years. Documentation will include pay stubbs, tax returns, bank statements and property tax bills, and all of the paperwork associated with your mortgage. We will need copies of your bills to document your financial situation and the factors that led to your falling behind. Please provide any other letters or notices that demonstrate that you faced a reduction in your income or higher than expected expenses.


We will ask you to prepare a draft letter that explains in your own words what factors have led to your need for a modification from the lender. It is important that you author this letter, and that it is not generic. Please include the details that bring to life the financial difficulties that you have faced. If you feel that you were not properly and fully informed regarding the terms of your loan, please describe the process by which you came to sign the loan papers and what your understanding of the terms of your loan was at that time.


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The trailers for the new Transformers movie show Shia Lebouf running around in a "Is This It" era Strokes shirt. You can take a lot about that character looking at that shirt.

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Da Man

First Drunk Driving Conviction
The first time you are arrested in the State of Texas for drunk driving you will receive a fine up to $2,000. You will also be confined to jail for no less than 72 hours and no more than 180 days. Your drivers license will be suspended for no less than 90 days and no more than 1 year. You may also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on the vehicle at your own expense.

Second Drunk Driving Conviction
The second time you are arrested and convicted of a
DWI in Texas you will be fined up to $4,000. You will also serve a minimum of 30 days in jail up to 1 year. Your drivers license will be suspended for a minimum of 6 months or up to 2 years. You may also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on the vehicle at your own expense.

Third Drunk Driving Conviction
The 3rd conviction for a DWI in Texas is considered a 3rd degree felony. You will be fined up to $10,000 and serve no less than 2 years or up to 10 years in the penitentiary. Your drivers license will also be suspended up to 2 years. You may also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on the vehicle at your own expense.
The State of Texas prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by drivers with a .08 percent or above blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The .08 limit is used across the United States as the benchmark for the "impaired" driver. Texas has lower limits in place for commercial drivers (.04) and for drivers under the age of 21 (.02). The Texas DWI law also makes it illegal to drive while under the influence of controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, inhalants and other intoxicants

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I'm glad you posted your new home. Thanks


I'm glad you posted your new home.

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