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September 06, 2007


Roberto Iza

Kind regards

Dallas BBQ is closing? Excellent news. Maybe I wont have to hold my breath and cover my nose to avoid gagging as I cross 8th and University.


blue hill at stone barns is about 100x better than the one in the village...

of course, i pay for my meals...


BBQ? C'mon Jeff. Back when we lived on 9th and University, we used to laugh at that place. You want real barbeque, try Fette Sau, over on Metropolitan Avenue in W'Burg.


Great Dining...

john L

you know, as long as BBQ is coming back, it is a good day. Sure, you can't eat anything there: I went in once with a friend of mine and watched a little kid--roughly the size of a full garbage bag--vomit up macaroni for a few minutes without ever running to the bathroom. then starting to eat again.
whatever, it was worth going to for the drinks. and seeing ashy larry.

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you cannot go wrong with BBQ. this is so good to eat.

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I should remember about this restaurant.

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That space should be landmarked and turned into a chicken museum or something.

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Thanks for sharing. His music will continue to rock!
I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn't really a news story



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