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April 03, 2007


bill p

Soulwax at Studio B last year one maybe the best show I saw in 2007... I was totally unprepared.


I bought tickets for Hiro and might for Studio B if they're actually playing. Has it been figured out who is playing on the 18th -- them or Art Brut? Both bands have the night on their website. Studio B has both on the website. They can't both be playing.

But to answer your question, if both nights are happening, it's the band both times. Radio Soulwax is the name of the tour, Soulwax Nite Versions is the live thing, and 2 Many DJs is their behind-the-decks moniker.

You should definitely go to one.

they play and remix live.. all at once.. go

Art Brut is earlier...Soulwax is later.

this should be killer

You can get advance tickets at musictoday.com



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