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March 21, 2007



Dude, you know that we freakishly see eye to eye on pretty much everything, but this time I gotta say that you are way off. This album is tops. Loved it right away from first listen and hundreds of listens have followed. I'm mystified by your displeasure.


Now you know how I felt at that My Chemical Romance show at SXSW last year. It's probably wrong to say something was cut from the Nike mix and slapped onto the album, because it was most likely recorded for the album way before and mixed into the Nike thing, a la a rapper's mix tape before his album comes out. Gotta promote, dude. 'New York I Love You' is absolutely terrible, but 'Get Innocuous' and 'Someone Great' are really awesome songs.

Hey Jeff, why don't you go listen to some Kiss Kiss or something and leave good music to the rest of us!

(kidding of course)


I love Kiss Kiss! And I love LCD! Not sure what you are missing, but I love the whole album with the exception of New York I Love You.


You're not alone -- you can spend some time here, watching those folks hash shit out. I've only just started listening to it, and like it so far. But not nearly as much as I love that Dan Deacon record.


I agree with you 100%. I listened to it months ago and I'm shocked at how great the reviews have been. makes me wonder if i was listening to the wrong album.


This record puts dance in my pants and a song in my heart at least twice a day. Rather than find my own words just to disagree with a friend's opinion here, I'll instead cite this Stylus review. They give the "emotionally and physically" moving album an A-.

"what elevates LCD Soundsystem beyond being just the greatest tribute band in the world is the consummate love and style with which Murphy exercises his pastiches, and, increasingly on Sound Of Silver, the sheer weight of emotion he manages to manipulate through his surprisingly rich songwriting."

I think so too. And I even like "New York," the subject is cheesy but it's a pretty song that works for me if you imagine it written for a person instead of a city.

gerorge harrison

Maybe if you don't like the whole album thats one thing, but you cant listen to that song 'Someone Great' and tell me if that shit came on at the next party or club you're at you wouldn't love it to pieces. A record like this in the context of you sitting in your apartment on your headphones or on the subway with your head down is just missing the point.


Garbage is harsh, but it's not really that great...I agree...and I usually love everything LCD does.

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