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April 19, 2006


The details I read elsewhere regarding the Joey Ramone benefit said nothing about the strokes playing "one night" at Irving - I was thinking more along the lines of "one song".... Any additional details you've heard to help?


Just from going off what I've read, it seems like they'll at least get a short set in. I mean, if they're calling them the headliner, it's gonna be more than one song. Previous years all the bands have played full sets. I don't expect this year to be any different.

The strokes owe us a small-venue set anyway after ditching NYC in the warmup tour. Better late than never...


Arrived late to Moveable Hype on Monday (ok, I had to watch "24"), but I did pick up Land Of Talk's CD after the show. And I agree - it's a keeper. Strong songs and a crackling delivery. I'll try to be on time for their next performance in town.


I know it's a great way to sell tix for a benefit concert, but I think it would be great if this did not turn into A Strokes Concert. There's more, there, than that.


i just want them to see them cover "i just wanna have something to do"


I got to see Land of Talk in a tiny venue in Montreal back in March. Great songs, her voice is incredible.

Love the CD, they said it was recorded live so it's pretty much how they sound in their shows.

BTW, search around for ELE_K* for a previous project from Elizabeth. Different music but same great voice. Picked up a CD while I was in Montreal, otherwise, it's pretty hard to find.


Looks like their KEXP performance filled up already. Is Vic Thrill and The Saturn Missile any good? (They're the headliners for the Land of Talk Mercury show).

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