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April 13, 2006



10:30, they still haven't received the wrist bands and they don't know when they're getting them in.


I just called the store and they said they have them.


they are giving them out
only have 500

thigh master

not to billy bragg, but i think i got the first one

can you pick up more than one at a time?

thigh master

sadly, u cannot


Yea, just one per printout. Tho I'm not sure what's stopping you from coming back later with another printout. They keep it, but I doubt they'd go back sifting through and matching the pages and even still, by then you'd already have the wristband in hand...

If anybody tries the double-dip, lemme know. I'd be curious to see how it works out.


I just got my band - at 1:45 or so. I asked the guy at Tower if they had a lot left, and he made a rolling motion with his head that I interpreted as "sort of." Then he said "But they're moving fast."

still had some at 11 tonight...worth going anyway..i think they still have a bunch more left.

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