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April 18, 2006


you can get a refund for your ticket if you no longer want to go to the show....


I'm soooo pissed right now, and kinda want my money back, The National playing the bowery ballroom was too good to be true.

I don't even know why I'm so pissed, cause I would of happily paid to see them at Webster Hall anyway. But what we're getting is a compltely different show that ticket-buyers expected.

But shouldn't ticketweb contact ticket buyers and tell them that the venue has changed? Had I not read this blog, I probably would of known until the last second.

Anyway, I too feel duped. For some reason I get the feeling that this was always planned, a way for the bowery presents to get more money in advance. There would of been no reason to run out and get tickets had they been scheduled for webster hall.


ahhh fuck...im one of those folks that love, love, love the bowery ballroom and really can't stand webster hall. As far as I'm concerned the bowery ballroom is THE best venue in NY maybe the world, yeah, that's right. When I heard the national would be playing bowery I had a cream dream and now i have to go to webster hall...im pissed.

your conspiracy theory seems a little far fetched. bowery is obviously a better venue, but webster is still better than say....irving plaza i think. maybe the band will send an email about the switch with some explanation.

actually, the more i think about it, it's be as simple as tickets sold out way faster than bowery expected. i didnt even see the show listed in the papers last week.

i took about a week for the national show to sell out. Clap your hands say yeah sold their two bowery shows out in an hour...they didnt move.

Isn't this something their manager should be on top of? Put out some feelers, see where the market is...i mean they knew enough to not book the mercury lounge...why book bowery and just change it up? Band of horses just sold the bowery out in two weeks, maybe they're gonna upgrade now.


I really don't see what all the pissing and moaning is about. Honestly...how many proper shows (that is, not counting the 'Nebraska' Project) have the National played in the area since 'Alligator' dropped? I count, um, 5? (Warsaw, 2 Bowery, Maxwell's and a Sound Fix in-store)...how can anyone expect them to not sell out Bowery in no time at all? I'm surprised they didn't just book Webster in the first place...demand to see them IS high...not Arcade Fire high...but I can assure you there will be far less bozos at this Webster show than there were at the Arcade Fire's. And as far as conspiracies go? C'mon...seriously.


Conspiracy was perhaps the wrong word to use. But it all just happened so quick it seemed really off.

Had they just announced the show at webster straight out, i would, obviously, have no problem at all. But I wouldn't have bought a ticket to it. I've seen them many times and will see them again this summer (at festivals). The bowery show was something special tho that I felt would be worth going to aside from all that. The webster show is, simply, not.

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