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March 02, 2006



julian is sober now. i too was shocked to find out, and it made me look at the new album with a new perspective (even though i still can't get into it). read about it in this in-depth article from new york magazine:



I've seen them quite a few times and I thought last night was perfect! They mixed the setlist up very well and the amount of old songs played was astonishing. It may have been a little sloppy, but "ask me anything" was one of my favorite moments of the show. They came off very professional. I was completely satisfied and have no need to go to any of the other shows! Jules said it himself, " Fuck the other nights. This is the night!'


what a great show. I wish someone had a picture of Nick V tripping though, cause that was definitely the highlight of the show for me ;)


a w s o m e!!
yes, that´s what it was, the show on march 3rd.
i came from austria to nyc only to see the strokes show at hammerstein and it was definitely the show highlight of my life.
there was an explosive atmosphere and a perfekt beat from the strokes!
especially julian was drunken by champagne or something else and i´ve never seen a nicola fraiture who jumped up to fab morettis drumset, the backside to the crowd and crashing down his fender jazz bass on to fab moretti , who played some nonsense on it before they hit the drumset down from the stage, awsome....
they´re the best live band i, ve ever seen!

thanx nyc for this impression which revolutionized my life, it will be in my mind forever and longer!!

p.s.please, if there is THAT canadian girl from montreal, write me a mail!

rock the fuckin´time away!!


Heyy do you guys remember the guy in the blue shirt who was like a total pro crowd surfer? He was really cool , and picked me up to crowd surf!!


great pics from the show. caught them on friday night, and it was by far the best i have seen & heard them. the way the crowd reacted to 'juicebox,' i thought hammerstein was going to explode into dust.

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