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February 17, 2006



Thank you, finally someone not being all "ooh look at me mr. music elitist" about She Wants Revenge. No they aren't going to change my life, but they are fun to listen to and (god forbit) dance to while you are out and about. I am seeing them tonight and am looking forward to it...thank you very much...maybe I will listen to some ryan adam's afterwards just to escalate the "i don't live anywhere NEAR brooklyn" factor....thank god

not sure who that is directed to...but god i am sick of these pretentious i-know-everything-about-music asses...music is meant to entertain...get over yourself already (not you CV, the music critics in general)

I think it's SWR who are the souls guilty of "sloth" in this case. Why be innovative when you can cannibalize with banality... (Putting aside the rehashed washed up genre-schizophreniac bio.)

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