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January 11, 2006



i feel the same way! i was at gibbard's show and there was some couple standing in front of my friend and i. they were young and, although they kept exclaiming how they loved whatever song ben was playing, they talked through the WHOLE FUCKING SHOW. in my best passive-aggressive way, i leaned over to my friend and said "if this girl doesn't shut up during the songs i am going to punch her in the face" and she got the hint. i was pretty content with the show until i read about malkmus playing pavement songs. that hurt a little.


holmes, ditto on the pavement sentiment!


what's amazing about this picure is that the tag is "oc"....so they actually have their own brand of schwag? that's fuckin' scary.


2 questions, what is wrong with reeking like weed? and since when are we not allowed to talk at a show? typical new york indie i am too hip to talk and have fun attitude, this is the first time i have ever really been a little upset with anything you write, normally i think your blog is excellent.


Ok...the Weed comment was just a joke. I couldn't care less, but it had been a while since I had smelled so much looming around at a show. Thought it was more funny than anything.

The talking thing is sorta inexcusable, however. Some chatter between songs is great, but loudly gabbing while he plays is extremely rude and distracting, especially at a quiet acoustic show like this. Sorry, but if someone can't go an hour of their night without restraining themselves slightly, the should just go downstairs. Or don't waste money to see a show they aren't going to pay attention to in the first place. Doesn't make sense to me. I promise it has nothing to do with hip or too cool. Old and crabby, perhaps...

You seem like a reasonable guy...If you were where I was, I have to imagine you would have been equally frustrated.


ok, good enough, old and crabby am i also, especially today, like i said, keep up the good work on the blog, i appreciate hearing what you have to say.

maybe its time you and i reeked like weed? old and stoned is a better combination.

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