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January 12, 2006


Wasn't the price is right on at 11?


Probably...that sounds right.


dude. good luck at that Wu show.
That's gonna be one fired up crowd.
Best to keep your eyes open, lest they start smashing bottles against the ceilings, raining glass below on the helpless fans.


What no one seems to be talking about is the fact that the Knicks winning streak began the very day David Lee Roth took over for Stern. The power of Halen has been unleashed!!!

Halen 1 forever!!!

dave park

I've never been a Knicks fan, but I actually like watching this year's team. It's about time LB began starting David Lee.


you gotta love the young knicks. they look very promising. Channing is a gamer and nate robinson hustles his ass off. and god bless the great white hope.

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