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December 01, 2005



this lineup seems plausible, but some of these bands toured the fests a lot this year, so I can't see them playing again, like Death Cab & arcade fire (aren't they taking a break to record next year?). I could see Doves playing cuz they had to cancel this year. I'd love to see SFA at Coachella, only cuz they don't play a lot of US fests. Will Oldham too. I suspect (hope) Belle & sebastian will play, since they'll be touring the states at that time and they love playing coachella. are these dates right?

Also - Austin City Limits is asking people to e-mail suggestions for bands to book for next years fest:



As far as I know, it's all completely made up, including the dates. They may end up being correct, but there is no official confirmation yet.


What's a Coachella rumor without Radiohead????


The lineup sounds "too" perfect. I'm not buying it. It reads like Cool Kid Music 101. The most plausible thing is a Depeche Mode headlining set.


Yeah, somebody at the Coachella board made that ages ago...

I'm sure Sigur Ros and at least two of the following will play: The Strokes, White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand
Depeche Mode headlining would be sweet. Don't see who else could, at this point. Metric and The Decemberists must be there next year, the fact that they've never played is a tragedy.


I don't care if it's a rumor or not...anything regarding coachella makes me happy. One of the best weekends of the year. And i don't think it's out of the question for Radiohead to be a headliner again, since their album is supposedly coming out next spring. *fingers crossed*

information leafblower

The Furries mentioned nothing about this when I was hanging out with them a few weeks ago.

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