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November 27, 2005



If only there were gigs like this in Somerset, UK :)


SO many shows i see I wish were sit down shows. if it's not dancy or rocky I just really want to sit


"The crowd was actually really well behaved. For such a large show, (and in New Jersey, no less)"

this is in jest or serious? you were expecting savages to be hanging from the ceiling?

In my opinion, Jersey city and Hoboken are such nicer places to live then NYC. I hope everyone continues to bash the garden state. With any luck, all the useless self righteous, unemployeed hipsters will stay away. I'll take yuppies over hipsters anyday!! Oh yeah, Obrest sucks.


Oh, calm down everybody...it was just a playful jab. Aimed at the obsessive Bright Eyes fan stereotype as much as at your beloved state.

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