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September 03, 2005



i used to live on ludlow within shouting distance of the dark room and all i can say is, good riddance. if you live in that neighborhood you have to be prepared for noise, but the dark room ALWAYS had morons coming out at 4am and making as much noise as possible, and they (unlike other establishments in the area) never made any attempt to keep people quiet. at least three times i called 911 because of fights starting at 3am or so right outside the club.


well why the fuck did you move to ludlow, you fucking moron?
there's this lovely nabe to the east of central park that would be perfect for you.
now fuck off and take your 911 dialling sidekick with you, asshole


Don't know about clr, but I moved there so I could shut down boring shit holes like dark room so that shit hole lickers like les would go back home to Mom and Dad in N.J. and stay there.
That's one down!


B put that so well. I do think a sap like les prob. only got down to the lower east side in the last, oh, maybe 5 or 6 years (maybe 8 if he/she wants to try to claim total hipster cred) and only knows it as the recently over-the-top bar bastion that it is. Les prob. buys all his clothes at the "RENT" boutique in bloomingdales. Driving out the indeginous and real folks who struggled and made it happen down here -with all the noise and rising rents from all these hip white fratboy establishments and their unoriginal poser attitudes - must be fun for a tyke like les. Let's see les go over across Allen St. to the projects where the communities are really tight and they see the invasion going on down here - - I would love to see this dope get the tar knocked out of him by some REAL lower eastsiders.... Meanwhile my neighbors (a puerto rican family and a chinese family on the either side of me - true loisaida style) have gotten together and crafted a hex to throw on these wishing-they-were-really-edgy-and-interesting yuppy bars and I hope a few more of them go the way of darkroom.


"indeginous and real folk"

oh, you mean the indians? yes it was very sad when they were driven out wasn't it.

and no, actually i buy them at dior. in paris.
who shops at bloomingdales?

and whenever i'm east of allen, i generally get something other than tar knocked into me. can't beat thug love.


The complaint about the noise is basically null and void. Especially if you live below 14th st. I live in the 20's on an avenue on the east side and every night of the week I hear loud drunk yuppies in those blue shirts that they wear being loud and trying to get laid or calling people fags or whatever. This is New York, it's still pretty drunk and loud downtown. You deal with it. No one should should EVER expect Ludlow to be idyllic and quiet except for between the hours of 4am-7am, maybe. When the morning deliverys start. The problem with the darkroom had more to do with the roaming drug dealers who took up residence inside and the afterparties in apartments upstairs and in the basement. 4am? Forget it. Try 8, 9, 10 am on any given morning. Oh and Les, they're all wearing Dior, too. SO yes I think this has more to do with that and the mentioning of the establishment in the article in the NY Times of those two underage girls who OD'd after being there till 10am on a friday morning recently...


Though The New York Times reported the two met their friends at the Dark Room at 10 a.m., a Dark Room spokesperson says they reviewed videotape of that night shot both inside and outside the club: "We watched the tapes and they weren't at the club. And we were closed at 10 a.m.


WAAA WAAAA. You're all whack. Eat my NYC born and raised balls. Let 18 yr olds shoot dope if that's their perogative -- really, who gives a fuck? And people who live downtown and complain about hipsters, ARE REALLY just hipsters that don't get laid and don't have friends.

Stop calling 911, jerkoff. Save it for real problems.

Original NYCer

I'm from NY and I remember when Dark Room was Ludlow Bar and it was one of the only bars there besides Bob's on Eldridge. It pains me to see what that area has become. I don't miss the danger and junkies of that time but I can't stomach another yuppie fuck or Bridge n' Tunnel asshole around there and will never miss them. NYC is a cultural cemetary and I'm glad I lived it when nightlife was ripe here.

remember kids, when you're having too much fun, the party ALWAYS gets shut down. bring back illegal parties!


Who cares?!?! There are thousands of people starving, homeless and dying in Hurricane Country. Can we get some perspective here? A freakin' bar gets shut down and it's mass hysteria for you fools, meanwhile, an already abjectly impoverished and disenfranchised community is suffering at the idle hands of a negligent federal government and yet The Dark Room is what you choose to be up in arms about. No wonder America votes red. You people are a-holes. Get a life - or better yet, use your energy to help others keep what little left they have of theirs.


I've lived on the LES for a number of years, and noise wasn't really a problem until the smoking ban. Now you have half of every bar hanging outside, drunk. Just change the ban to allow at least a smoking section, and the noise will drop dramatically.


you are all cunts


derelictemyballs. I bet that you think that the mid 90's were the highlight of nyc nightlife. Methinks you a poser from Queens.


so this is kind of out of date, but seriously guys, calm the fuck down. it's the cycle of gentrification. feel free to bitch if you are a poor chinese family who has personally been priced out of your apartment, or a heroin dealer who has had to move out to queens... otherwise, you're either the cause of the hipsters moving in, or the result. i live on ludlow, and it's loud and obnoxious, but if i hated it that much, i would move to kansas city where the rent is cheap and the streets are quiet. everybody loves bitching about yuppies in nyc, but if you won the lottery tomorrow, you would be just as obnoxious as the rest of them.

p.s. i hear staten island is pretty chill.


amen that.

reader, who comments

It would be tremendous if all of you emo-rock artfag piece of shits would just please go back to wherever you came from.

Calling 911 because someone is making noise?????????

No one wants you here, I hope you all get raped by packs of junkies.

you make me sick, this entire art-fag emo community of out-of-town bitches should really check themselves and how farcical all of your posturing has become.

instead of trying to be edgy and yapping about music no one cares about, why dont you losers get a job?

I guess because its easier to smoke a clove, suck some dick and update your poorly written blog.

kill hipsters and bring the deuce back.

am I wrong?


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