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August 12, 2005



I went to the Voxtrot Brooklyn show last night. They were awesome. I was very impressed with The Mugs too. Anyway, the "stage" at Magnetic Field is very small, but they still were able to dance around. This time they have their female singer with them, which they didn't have at Rothko last time because she couldn't get off from school. I bought the EP. I had an earlier EP, but there was one track change and it hadn't been mastered. What song is "Whiskey"? Is that link downloadable, because it looks like it's linked to Wrecking Force. I'll be at Rothko tonight. They are also playing at least 3 times during CMJ, including one afternoon show.


Awesome show last night.


Oops. The Whiskey MP3 is fixed. I downloaded it off their site a while back. Love it. Glad to hear the show was good.


Where did this Whiskey song come from? I've never heard it before.

Oh I just read Jeff's comment that it was on their website. Hmm. Must've missed that one. It's great thanks.


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