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August 29, 2005


ya huh

i love Levy, they are the best around

r.i.p edge


am.an.set were pretty awesome live when i saw them once, i'd recommend it if you can fit them in. i think it's sold out though?

The AmAnSet show is sold out... but they'll be back in November!

The Diggs = Awesome


I saw Levy a few weeks ago at Pussycat Lounge and was disappointed. They're pretty derivative, sounding a lot like the Strokes and a little Longwave. Glad to know someone out there feels the same!


Oh i agree totally they suck. too many girls at thier shows


Lots of 9-and-above ratings being tossed around these days, huh? Makes me wonder if everybody on the Internet is in a competition to see who can proclaim "Best. Band. Ever." the loudest and most convincingly.

Of course 90% of the hype won't survive two months of hindsight.

To me Levy sounds OK. If that particular style of music was all I listened to then I would have proclaimed "Best. Band. Ever. This. Week." in a fairly convincing manner.

that kind of music? you mean good music? these guys are the best. even if females like them.


Whatever your musical tastes, Entourage sucks balls. What are you going to rave about next? Rock Star: INXS?


please talk more about laguna beach. thanks


didnt u hear? he dosnt get it. reading the rest of this site that becomes even that much much much more clear like small crystals small yes. enourage, bush. well. yeah. woo

very well said ultra... this guy doesn't know how to read, has no taste in music, just writes about anything or everything he thinks others will think are cool, and its such a pathetic waste of the internet... no one wants to read a repeat of every other blog

if you have no taste in music why do you try so hard to be a cool indie hipster, find something that works for you


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Whatever your musical tastes, Entourage sucks balls. What are you going to rave about next?


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