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July 14, 2005



despite my addiction to both of interpol's cds, i am not sure if i can consider interpol one of my favorite bands because they are so underwhelming live.


Yeah, I know. Muse, Arcade Fire and The Fiery Furnaces are all the best live right now, but Interpol just hits too perfectly.


paul banks looks like a five year old in this picture.

and i was not THAT shocked. you just want to be like me. it's OK. admit it.

There is a presale for the Killers @ Jones Beach - RIGHT NOW on the Killers website.


I don't think Interpol are underwhelming live. How do you define underwhelming? They aren't going to thrash around the stage or clap their hands above their head, or smile all the time; it wouldn't really jive with the music. Musically, they sound great live, I've least in my experience.

As for Editors--my 2 favorite tracks off of their album are "All Sparks" and "Blood". The lead singer's voice is quite reminiscent of Ian Curtis.


I was wondering if you could repost those songs? The link is broken.


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