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July 27, 2005


bill p

The first Athlete album, Vehicles and Animals, is great music to do the dishes to. All the songs have the same sort of lopey beat -- think Pavement's "Carrot Rope" and you'll get the picture. Two or three really great songs on there. They played a good show at Mercury Lounge, opening for Razorlight, back in March 2004.

Unfortunately, the second album they seem to have been turned into Coldplay wannabes (complete with a fashion makeovers for a band that previously looked like members of the AV club). Very disappointing.


razorlight opened for athlete

athlete 2nd record is one of this yrs best
maybe u should listen to the whole record more than once b4 u give a opion like that

maimo Park on the same night as the whitestripes. I know I would pick the stripes.


I'm going to the White Stripes the night before Maximo Park...

bill p

i can't remember who was on first at that merc show -- both bands were on their way to sxsw -- not that anyone really opens for anyone else at a show like that.

and i have listened to the whole 2nd athlete record and stand by my words, but your mileage may vary, obviously.

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