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May 19, 2005



*cough cough* STAR WARS *cough*


Never heard of it...


Lost IS the best show on TV, hands down. I've never been so caught-up in a show in my life. Next week is supposed to be crazy, with a cliffhanger on par with Who Shot J.R. Apparently some things will be wrapped up, we'll see everyone getting onto the plane, but naturally a lot of craziness will ensue. I too, got a little teary eyed at the end of last nights. I don't know what I'm going to do during the summer.


i am so addicted to this show it's unbelievable...


who cares about lost


I don't watch Lost, but last night was great!. I want a dog! LOL


Lost is consistently great. However, if I was the Korean guy, there is no way I would leave my hottie wife alone on that island.

I'll bet the season finale offers nothing but excitement, suspense and more questions. I am not expecting any answers.

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