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June 26, 2006


I love your little paragraph about the kids being excited to be there. I'm from DEEP into Long Island and I go to a city show like three to four times a month. It's like a two hour train ride. Still even though I'm going sort of frequently, it's always exciting to go into the city. There's no real venues here on Long Island, except small ones where screamo bands play or big arena-like ones where really well known bands play. Long Island is pretty much forgotten about. Nice writeup, I really enjoyed it!


I was at this show and I have to say it was exactly as you described it, especially the part about Tom Delonge.

Man, um, I'm sorry but... enough with the fucking emo. This blog was better without trash bands like TBS.


Yea, I know. It just gets boring talking about the same bands in the same clubs every day. I think this stuff is interesting. And fun.

warrior circle

Warrior Circle
Wednesday June 28th, 9pm at Night and Day
230 5th Ave @ President St
Park Slope


This stuff is interesting. It's great to hear a blog perspective about un-blog bands. It's great to see that not everyone is above being a little bit silly and just real.


That was a refreshing post, it reminded me of the good 'ol high school days.Thanks!


Not familiar with the bands you mentioned, but enjoyed reading your review. It reminded me how excited I was to see my first big concert - U2.

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